The European Middle West Arts project, driven by artists’ demand for more contact and exchanges and by the urgent need for an active support of the creative processes, wants to connect and facilitate encounters between artists and partners, resulting in artistic dialogues reflecting on the concept of the Middle West, a hybrid space between East and West.

This project focuses clearly on the contemporary European art scene and on the migration movements that are active within that scene; not by approaching it from a social point of view, but according to a contemporary vision on interculturality taking the influence of the modern nomadic status on the artist as its main focus.
The project will actively offer a range of services and mediate within artistic processes, especially where research, creation, residencies and presentation are concerned.

Research phase:
In the development process of a project, the project will support the artist with professional advice and stimulate the development of ideas.

Production phase (creation/residency):
During the production process the partners of the European project will offer residencies and support artists with professional advice.

Presentation phase:
Following the production phase, the partners will outline a presentation course. For each production we will schedule approximately four performance locations (in at least three countries). At the end of the project all productions will be presented in one international Festival in Istanbul (TU), inviting art programmers all over Europe as an opportunity to prospect the productions and to learn about European identity from the perspective of the Middle West Arts.

The European Middle West Arts project shall proceed to build a strong intercultural professional network of art organizations and artists in different European countries, including Turkey. The partners will share their broad professional network  as we believe in the synergies that appear within our professional network and in the beneficial value for all involved parties.